Did your Vote really count for anything ?
This time it will !


Steve Kelleher.
Standing for Eltham.
Demanding change.

Support the Brexit Party in Eltham.

Together,Let's change Politics for Good.


My Brexit Blog for Eltham

Daily updates on what the hell is going on.

Steve Kelleher

The founding partner in an international specialist headhunting business, entrepreneur & dog lover, will contest the constituency in the next general election.

Why Stand?

"I have been compelled to stand up for all the people of Eltham, whichever way they voted in the referendum. WHY?...Trust in democracy transcends Left & Right. It affects everyone in society regardless of ethnic background, religion, gender & sexuality

It is through the Ballot Box that reasonable people resolve their differences. We thought we had! 

Our Parliament is out of date and out of touch. Together we can change politics for Good


I have never thought of standing for public office before this debacle unfolded in front of our eyes. The Labour and Tory parties cannot be trusted.

 I am now determined to win..and need your help!

Welcome to the eltham brexit party

Why the Brexit Party?

We were launched in April this year to make sure that your vote counted and that the UK leave the EU.This is about what sort of democratic country we live in. We will spend our own money solving our own problems - investing in our future by smart tax changes like making all student loans interest free, like ending inheritance tax, cutting business rates, aggressive upgrade of transport and 5G infrastructure, a focussed Green agenda, cutting HS2, halving the overseas aid budget and borrowing to invest while rates are so very low.It is time for a change.

Is your vote worth anything at all?

We are the fastest growing new Party in modern history, having signed up more than 110,000 paying supporters in the first few months. We are a true people's party, dependent on supporter's donations.The Brexit party has already shaken the establishment



Get Involved!

We can't win this race without your help. An election is around the corner and we need volunteers to join our team delivering  flyers, the Brexiteer Paper and encouraging others by word-of-mouth, helping us achieve our goals together.

Get involved!